Tickle your pickle


Sister, we got you and your pickle! ♥︎ No more lonely night or tired fingers! We have a cutesy device to tickle your pickle! ♥︎♥︎♥︎ This bullet vibrator is ready to drive you wild and feeling sexy with its 9 intense vibration mode for extreme stimulation. Equipped with noise cancellation technology, within 40db. You can tickle your pickle all night long and the good news is that, nobody will know ♥︎


Tickle your Pickle comes with:

  • Material made with medical grade silicone + ABS
  • Compact design for orgasmically powerful yet discreet adventure (special stealth technology, 40db)
  • An aesthetically beautiful, designed to be compatible with any toys and accessories
  • Fast charging for hours of sexy time ♥︎
  • USB Charger & Manual
  • Bullet size, 73*35*30mm & W-30g
  • Travel size, IPX 7 waterproof, easy to use and clean


  • This device will make you wet and wild, you’ll want some more ♥︎♥︎♥︎
  • Not intended for users under the age of 18
  • Remember to clean with warm water before and after use. (Do not submerge under water)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ruby N.
My weekend plans

My purchase arrived last week and it was a day late but it’s reasonable. I tried using it last night and it was amazing! It does the job fast and with a lot of power and pleasure but without the noise. Five-star rating for material quality and design. I may not leave the house this weekend. LOL

Melina B.
Best Valentine Gift

My boyfriend got me this last Valentine and at first I though it was a USB drive!! We’ve been doing a threesome with this tiny guy and I must say that size doesn’t really matter! Best V-day gift ever! XOXO

Marshall W.
Versatility at its finest

First time buyer from Cherries n Bananas and first time buyer of Adult toys. And I wanna say that it is the best choice and decision I made so far! I wanna try something that is not complicated to use so I went on the best for beginner’s suggestions. I went through all the manual and the suggestion of how it can be used and I’ve been devirginized all over again! LOL It surprises me how it can be used for so many ways! And the vibrations?? Just Wow! I am really loving this one and I’m already thinking to get a partner toy to use it with. Thank you Cherries n Bananas! Love love!

Arnold B.
Wife Loves it

Been married for 3 years and we want to try something new. My wife has never tried any toys before and I got her this since it’s a best for beginner’s suggestion. Good purchase, good worth of money and my wife loves it.

Tania P.
Secret Affair

Sooooo, it’s a confession than a feedback. HAHA! But please read it through, because this toy is my savior. My boyfriend is been stressed lately and our sexy time is lesser. I don’t want to complain or cheat so I decided to get me this toy. I’ve had my first bullet before when I was in 11th grade and it was like a walk to memory lane when I first tried Tickle ur Pickle. The same intense feeling and release! I’ve been secretly using it for 2 weeks now and I am decided to buy another toy to match this so my baby and I can both enjoy.